Mountboard Cutting

Valiani Mountboard Cutter

We have a specially made CMC mount cutter built by Valiani Italy. This enables us to cut 45-degree bevel cut mountboard up to an extra large 1.5m x 3m size, and super-thick board of up to 5mm.

As well as dealing with exceptional sizes, we can also cut multiple apertures, different style mounts, contours and shapes from our extensive template library. This can be for an individual work or for high volume outputs as required.

In Stock

We hold a large stock of mountboard, with sheet sizes up to 1,530mm x 3,000mm x 3.5mm. Thicker boards can be ordered within a week.

We can accommodate frames with up to 3 layers of mountboard and laminated, non-reflective glass.

Bespoke services for Large Format Framing

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